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License to Use Study Aids

Posted by David Gobeil on

When you register for the Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination™, your Enrolment Period of one year commences and you can select from many times to write the exams.

As a purchaser of this study aid for the Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination™, you are licensed to use the Software until the end of your Enrolment Period, which period of time cannot exceed one year. Your license expires as of that date.

We update the study aids in January and July of each year. This may not correspond to the dates on which you plan to write one of the exams and your Enrolment Period. So, when we issue a new version, you can download the Software, send us your new lock number, and continue using the study aids that you have purchased until the end of your enrolment period.

However, before we issue you a new activation key, we may ask you to send us documentation from the Canadian Securities Institute confirming that your enrolment period has not yet expired. 

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