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Nature of the AFP Exam 2

Posted by David Gobeil on

The AFP Exam 2 is a constructed-response examination featuring three or four case studies, which reflect typical financial planning situations that you may encounter. You must provide a written response to the questions. Each case study has three or four related questions, which may include sub-questions to assess smaller pieces of information. The passing mark is 60%.

For each question, you are required to provide a written response in the examination booklet. The AFP Exam 2 will include charts or data sheets requiring completion, such as a cash flow statement or a statement of net worth. You have up to 3 hours to complete the AFP Exam 2.

Questions will present situations that require in-depth analysis, evaluation and integration across the various aspects of financial planning to formulate a response; formulating such responses can be aided by real-life experience.

AFP Exam 2 assesses your knowledge, skills and attributes to practice; and your ability to apply the professional competencies as set out in the PFP® Professional Competency Profile.

Although not required, you should successfully complete AFP Exam 1 prior to attempting AFP Exam 2. AFP Exam 2 builds on the content and depth examined in AFP Exam 1 with a greater expectation of you to analyze, evaluate and formulate strategies to present solutions for client situations.

The exam weighting of AFP Exam 1 is as follows:

Core Competency




1. Professional Conduct and Regulatory Compliance


2. Client Relationship and Practice Management




3. Asset and Liability Management


4. Risk Management and Insurance


5. Investment Planning


6. Tax Planning


7. Retirement Planning


8. Estate Planning


Of particular note is the greatest weight is given to Retirement Planning, which suggests that you should spend at least a quarter of your study time focused on this area. Equal weight of 15% is given to Asset and Liability Management, Investment Planning and Tax Planning; which suggests that you should spend half of your study time focused on these three areas.


“I did not find the questions particularly difficult but I just ran out of time.”

“Sometimes I found it difficult to understand exactly what the questions wanted me to answer. They were sometimes rather vague and I could have written many words.”

“Reading the case situations took lots of time and your suggestion about checking the questions first helped.”

Personal Financial Planner® and PFP® are registered certification marks belonging to CSI Global Education Inc. ("CSI"). The Applied Financial Planning (AFP) Certification Examinations 1 and 2 are trademarks belonging to CSI.

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