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Projections of Asset Values During Retirement

Posted by David Gobeil on

There is a report in the Software that appears when you select [View] [Projections of Net Worth]. This report details the many amounts involved involved in the calculation of the values of a client's RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, TFSAs and Tax-paid capital. These amounts include such things as RRSP contribution room, eligible dividends and other investment earnings.

In particular, this report, [Projections of Net Worth], gives a breakdown of the amounts reported on the [Projections of Retirement Incomes] under the title "Adjustments for tax-paid capital".

Several planners have inquired about values on the [Projections of Retirement Incomes] and the details can be found on the [Projections of Net Worth].

To make the purpose of this report clearer, in the next version of the Software, I will change the name to [Projections of Asset Values During Retirement].

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