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CFP Examination Feedback

Posted by David Gobeil on

“I found the questions in your study aids quite difficult. That said, the exam was hard as well and the questions in your study aids had me much better prepared. I recommend anyone that is planning to take the CFP exam to purchase your study aids.”

“I found your study aids to be invaluable in preparation for the exam. They have helped me to improve in all areas of the competencies and techniques to write the exam.

 With your multiple-choices questions, each answer has some relevance to the question in a way that it could be the correct answer and the detailed explanation of why each answer is correct or incorrect. By reviewing the detailed explanations of the answers, I have become more aware and gain better understanding of the concepts.

With your constructive-response questions, it was most helpful that the questions address different scenarios of the similar concepts, self-scoring and the solutions provided. I have learned to better define the strategy, tactic and rationale. I have also learned to address the questions in a series of correct steps, without missing any important steps in between, to provide the correct solution.

The questions on the examination were similar and I did not find myself surprised by any questions on the exam that I didn’t see in the study aids. However, I found the questions on the examination to be simpler, but very time consuming. They required a high speed of typing and accuracy of spelling and calculations.

For example, one question required me to calculate the income tax liability on the sale of the shares of ESBC. I learned from the study aid solutions to set up the formula and repeat the formula with numbers, brackets and dollars signs. I found this process very helpful because it ensures no details of the formulas are missed. However, I ran out of time and figure I left about 20 marks on the table.”

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