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Gobeil's Collection of 1,000 Questions™

Posted by David Gobeil on

Today, the questions on the AFP and CFP Examinations are not as difficult as those on the CFP Examination of the old program. As a result, some of the questions in our Collection of 1,000 Questions are more difficult than you will find on your exam.

 When this first became apparent, we asked our customers whether we should dumb down the questions to the current level of the AFP and CFP examinations. The overwhelming response was, “No, if I can handle your stuff, I can handle the exam that I'm writing.”

 However, there was some criticism about the difficulty of our questions, particularly from those who bought them just before the exam and did not have enough time to complete them all.

 So, we have placed the difficult questions in separate banks. You can do the difficult questions or not. We also broke the large banks of questions, such as income tax planning and investment planning, into smaller banks of 50 or so questions.

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