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Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning - Version 99

Posted by David Gobeil on

The Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning is a series of continuing education course for Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Professional Accountants, life agents and other financial services professionals. We recommend 6 hours of continuing education credits for each offering of the Course.

Completion of the course requires reading certain chapters of the quarterly update to The Personal Financial Planner’s Manual and correctly answering 60% or more of the 10 questions on a multiple-choice examination.

Version 99 requires you to read Section 3 – Income Tax and Compliance Planning; Chapter 10 – Income Tax Compliance, Section 7 – Retirement Planning; Chapter 2A – Old Age Security, Chapter 2B – Canada Pension Plan, Chapter 3A – RRSPs and RRIFs, and Chapter 6A – Pension Adjustments.

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