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Update 91 to The Personal Financial Planner’s Manual™

Posted by David Gobeil on

We have just released revised chapters on Personal Tax Rates and Credits; Taxation of Employees; Corporations; Taxation of Property Income; Tax-Free Savings Accounts; Investment Funds; Old Age Security; Canada Pension Plan; RRSPs and RRIFs; Pension Adjustments; U. S. Estate Taxes; and Quick Reference.

 Of particular note, the Federal Income Tax Rates on Qualifying Small Business Income have been reduced to 10% for 2018 and 9% thereafter; legislation has been introduced to prevent some income sprinkling. The taxation of non-eligible dividends will be adjusted to reflect the lower small business tax rate in order to maintain integration of corporate and personal taxes. As part of the 2016-2018 Triennial Review, the Ministers agree in principle to move forward as of 2019 with five changes to CPP benefits. 

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