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Update 92 to The Personal Financial Planner’s Manual™

Posted by David Gobeil on

We have just mailed the Update for print subscribers and will shortly issue the Update for electronic subscribers.

This Update includes revised chapters on Planning for the Disabled; Registered Disability Savings Plans; Deductions & Social Security Benefits; Taxation of Capital Property; Income Attribution & Minimum Tax; Income Attribution & Minimum Tax; Federal Budget 2018; Employer-Sponsored Pension Plans; Other Savings Plans; Retirement Investment Planning; a Post-Retirement Plan; a Retirement Savings Plan; More Trusts; and Quick Reference.

You can use the Manual to obtain 24 hours of continuing education each year. To complete a Continuing Education Course, you can read certain updated chapters of The Personal Financial Planner’s Manual and correctly answer 60% of the questions on a multiple-choice examination.

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