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What is a Constructed-Response Question?

Posted by David Gobeil on

A constructed-response question is a question that requires you to produce an answer in your own words, using a computer for the CFP Examination or a sheet of paper for AFP Exam 2. These questions will range from short-answer questions to longer, extended-response questions. The questions involve client situations that require you to collect and present  information, complete an analysis, prepare recommendations, or draft an email to a client.


 Each of these questions includes a response template. A response template is a table with titles and other guidance that directs you in responding to a question. Every question will have a detailed response template.

 A response template makes the answering of these questions much easier because it gives you considerable guidance as to what the examiners are expecting. In fact, it may indicate that you are required to provide information in the solution that was not specifically requested in the response instructions.

 FPSC marking practice

 The FPSC has a marking practice for constructed response questions as described in the Guide to Examinations for CFP® Certification.

 “When completing constructed response questions that require a specified number of responses (e.g., list three, provide four) candidates are required to provide up to the indicated amount.

 If more than the required number of responses is given, only the first answers corresponding with the required amount will be scored with the remainder not considered.

 For example, if the question requires the candidate to list three issues with a given situation and the candidate lists 5, only the first 3 will be considered for scoring of the exam.”

 We have not been able to identify similar guidance from the Canadian Securities Institute for AFP Exam 2, but their marking practice is probably the same.

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