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Strategic Financial Planning with Constructed-Response Case Study Questions - AFP

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Gobeil's Strategic Financial Planning Course™ was designed to help you pass The AFP Exam 2 . The Study Aid is available as Software and includes 75 constructed-response case situations with many questions, an e-book on Strategic Financial Planning, and 180 multiple-choice questions. 

You will find the AFP Exam 2 to be challenging. You will require considerable knowledge of financial planning and excellent exam writing techniques.

The AFP Certification Examination assesses the required knowledge, skills and attributes to practice, and your ability to apply the professional competencies as set out in the PFP® Professional Competency Profile.

The AFP Exam 2 is a three-hour, case-study exam that requires you write out responses to constructed-response questions based upon case situations. The AFP Exam 2 will require you to have the same knowledge about financial planning as the AFP Exam 1, but it will also require additional knowledge about strategies to apply the professional competencies.


Constructed-response case study questions are questions that require you to produce answers in your own words to questions concerning client situations. The questions usually include a table to fill in response to a very specific question, such as what are the advantages of an RESP for the Adams' family. These questions will range from short-answer questions to longer, extended-response questions. The constructed response questions will involve client situations that require you to complete an analysis, prepare a written report, draft a plan or write a letter to a client.

You can view a constructed-response question here.

The AFP Exam 2 will consist of three hours of constructed-response questions. 

Our Study Aid includes 75 constructed-response case situations with an emphasis upon synthesis: the development, evaluation and recommendation of strategies resulting from the assessment of information.

You answer these questions on your computer and then mark your answers using a marking key included with the Software.

The E-Book of 222 pages focuses on steps 4 and 5 of the financial planning process: identifying and evaluating financial planning strategies, and implementing a financial plan. You can view the e-book on your computer; you cannot print it.

You can view the Chapter on Education Planning here.

The chapters are:

  1. Personal Financial Planning
  2. Financial Management
  3. Personal Assets
  4. Education Planning
  5. Income Tax & Benefit Planning
  6. Investment Planning
  7. Retirement Planning
  8. Risk Management
  9. Estate Planning

The e-book identifies the strategies that you could use in each area of planning and the facts about each strategy that you would need to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of each strategy. The e-book also describes the tactics for implementing the strategies and the rationale for the tactics.

The Multiple Choice Questions

While the AFP Exam 2 does not include any multiple-choice questions, they are a quick way to review material that will be included on the Exam. The 180 multiple-choice questions have an emphasis upon synthesis: the development, evaluation and recommendation of strategies resulting from the assessment of information. Some of these questions were also included in Gobeil’s Collection of 1,000 Questions™.

Windows or Mac Software

You do not have to connect to the internet while you are studying.


When you register with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) for the Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination, your Enrolment Period of one year commences and you can select from many times to write the exams.

As a purchaser of study aids for the Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination, you are licensed to use the Software until the end of your Enrolment Period, which period of time cannot exceed one year. The license expires as of that date.

We update the Software in January and July of each year. If the Software expires before the end of your Enrolment Period, you will have to provide us with written documentation from the CSI as to the ending date of your Enrolment Period, download an update to the Software and request a new activation key.

Trade mark

Gobeil's Strategic Financial Planning Study Aid™ is a trade mark of D. R. Gobeil & Associates Ltd.

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