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Case Studies with Multiple-choice Questions

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On the QAFP Examination, you have to complete two case studies, each with 10 multiple-choice questions.

Candidates reported that:

“The case study backgrounds were each 6 or 7 pages long and the last two pages were the financial statements. In using your study aid, I learned to avoid wasting time anticipating questions that weren't asked and focus on only the background information required to answer the questions. It helps to be able to get the information out of the case study backgrounds. I took your advice and started the case studies first as it allowed me to take sufficient time to complete both case studies. I knew I would struggle if I left them to the last hour. Thanks for putting together a great study aids.”


Sample Case Study

You can view the Korinsky Case Study Background, and two sample questions with concepts and solutions here.

Gobeil's Strategic Case Studies™ has 27 case studies and 270 multiple-choice questions with detailed solutions to help you successfully answer the questions on the QAFP Examination.

Gobeil's Strategic Case Studies™ is a learning tool, as well as a test of your preparation to write the exam, with the following features:

  • the questions require you to apply your knowledge of personal financial planning to a situation, so you learn how to use this knowledge, not just how to memorize definitions;
  • you can print the background information for each case study from a PDF;
  • each question has a detailed solution, explaining why the correct answer is right, and why the other answers are wrong;
  • you can repeat the questions over and over again; and
  • the interactive format makes studying more interesting.


You are licensed to use the Software until the date of the next QAFP™ Examination. If you are rewriting at a subsequent date, you will need to purchase a new license.

Windows or Mac Software

The Software will run on a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10; or on a Mac running OS X 10.8 or higher. You install the study aid on your computer. You do not connect to the internet while you are studying.

Trade Mark

Gobeil's Strategic Case Studies™ is a trade mark of D. R. Gobeil & Associates Ltd.

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