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Continuing education

Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning.

The Personal Financial Planner's Manual is a reference guide which we offer that is updated four times each year. Each of these updates contains a course called The Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning.

Completion of each course requires reading the contents of the quarterly update to The Manual and correctly answering 60% or more of the questions on a multiple-choice examination. The exams can be written in your home or office.

We recommend 6 hours of continuing education credits for each offering of the Current Developments.

The Current Developments can be used for various designations, but is most often used for the CFP®. According to the FPSC® Continuing Education Guidelines, you are required to obtain 25 Verifiable credits each calendar year. A minimum of 10 of your CE credits must be obtained under the Financial Planning Category.

The Financial Planning Category is continuing education that addresses one or more aspects of the Competency Profile, including the financial planning components, professional skills and technical knowledge.

If you complete the Current Developments for each of the four updates each year, you will have satisfied your requirement for 24 Verifiable Credits under the Financial Planning Category. You will still have to obtain 1 credit in the Professional Responsibility category from another course provider.

So, not only does our PFP Manual provide you with a valuable reference tool, but it can also cover 24 Verifiable Credits of your CE requirements for the year for less cost than most other CE activities.

The Manual is updated four times per year to keep you abreast of current developments.



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