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Gobeil & Associates developed study aids for financial services personnel preparing to write the financial planning certification examinations. This is what we do and many of our customers say that we do it very well.

From the introduction of the CFP designation in Canada in 1997, Gobeil and Associates has provided successful candidates for The Certified Financial Planner Examinations with study aids and courses. We regularly sell study aids to over 50% of the successful candidates.

Our most popular product is Gobeil's Collection of 1,000 Questions™, which has been used by over 15,000 candidates. This study aid has been so effective because it includes a detailed explanation of the concepts underlying the question and an explanation as to why the correct answer is correct, but also why the wrong answers are wrong. Many candidates have told us that they have learned more from going through the 1,000 Questions than from all of the courses that they have taken.

The Canadian Securities Institute has significantly increased the difficulty of The Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination™. We have had a number of candidates purchase our study aids for the CFP® Examinations. However, there are some differences in the nature of the Examinations, so we prepared a study aid specifically for The Applied Financial Planning Certification Examination™.

However, our study aids and software does not end with the completion of your exam. For financial planners we offer The Canadian Retirement Planner's Software, the Personal Financial Planners Manual and its update service. The Retirement Planner's Software helps planners to make comprehensive retirement plans. The Manual and Updates not only helps to keep you updated about all the current changes to Financial Planning, but is also eligible for continuing education credits. 

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