The Personal Financial Planner's Manual ™ - Printed Version

Textbook for College Personal Financial Planning Programs

The Personal Financial Planner’s Manual  is used as the textbook for courses in Personal Financial Planning Programs, including Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Income Tax Planning, Risk Management & Insurance, Estate Planning & Family Law, and Retirement Planning.

The Manual includes 67 chapters addressing the components of financial planning as defined in the CFP® and the PFP®  Professional Competency Profiles: financial planning practices, financial management, tax planning, investment planning, education planning, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning. 

The Manual will guide you through current and up-to-date concepts, definitions and strategies required to address client’s needs with examples as to how they apply to client situations that you would find on the examinations.

"I relied entirely on the Personal Financial Planner's Manual as my study material during preparation for the CFP® Exam. I found the material very detailed, technically sound and insightful. Your preparation guide was particular helpful in focusing my study time."

Jonathan Roung, CFP®, PFP

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